Bali, 29th November 2022: From 1st December December 2022, India will officially become the chair of the G-20, an organization of the top 20 countries considered the world’s economic engine. Between December 2022 and September 2023, about 200 meetings will be held under G-20 in 50 cities in India. It will be India’s endeavour that there should be a consensus among all the countries to find a comprehensive solution to the important economic challenges facing the world at present.

The problem of inflation is increasing all over the world, and the danger of recession has arisen in front of all small and big countries. So, a global strategy should come out to overcome it. Along with this, one of the important efforts of India will be that the progress it has achieved in the 75 years of independence should be put before the world in a better way.

Giving information related to the preparations for the G-20, high-ranking officials of the government said that India achieved many such achievements in recent years, which can be shared with developing countries, like in the case of digital transactions or the case of renewable energy.

In the G-20 meeting, India will share its experience with other countries so that other countries can take advantage of it. The talk of achieving the goals related to social and economic development from the United Nations has gone to the margins due to the Covid epidemic and the subsequent Ukraine-Russia war.

Through this meeting, India will try to talk about it again and find a way to proceed further. The Ukraine war has significantly affected the supply of food, fertilizer, and fuel. This issue was raised by PM Narendra Modi at the Bali summit.

India as the chair will work on solving this problem. For the first time, a G-20 meeting will be organized in 50 cities. Officials say that the event to be held in India will be very different compared to the previous G-20 meetings. The most important thing is that for the first time, they will be organized in 50 cities. Earlier, when the G-20 was organized in China, it was organized in 14 cities, and in Indonesia, in 25 cities.

When asked about this, the Chief Coordinator of the G20 meeting, Harsh Shringla, said that they endeavour to establish India’s brand name more firmly and increase India’s attractiveness on the global tourism map. This is the reason that right from the selection of venues to the gifts and presents given to the guests, a special impression of India’s civilization and culture will be visible.

Apart from 200 events, there will be many types of supporting events. G-20 meetings have been linked to major festivals in India. The work of acquainting the global community with festivals like Pongal, Makar-Sankranti, and Mahashivaratri will also be done through these events so that the traditions of different parts of the country can be brought to the fore. The series of events in India will start on 1st December 2022.