IIFL Securities Ltd, one of India’s largest broking and investment advisory firms today said that it has partnered with bond investing platform GoldenPi to provide retail investors seamless access to invest in secondary market bonds and debentures.


Commenting on the Partnership, Nandkishore Purohit, Chief Digital Officer at IIFL securities said, “Investing in fixed returns is customary and almost second nature for us Indians. However, fixed deposits, the go-to instrument for a large part of the population, simply aren’t enough for keeping up with rising inflation levels. In comparison bonds can provide investors with returns as high as 9 – 10% per annum or more, which is clearly a better alternative to fixed deposits.”

“Through GoldenPi, IIFL Securities is providing a platform with digital transparency and awareness about the secondary bond market as another investment avenue.”

Abhijit Roy, CEO, GoldenPi said, “Earlier awareness on secondary markets was not as prevalent. Even if people were aware about it, the process to go through with investing in the secondary market required manual application, which was often opaque. Our platform and partnership with IIFL  Securities will bring a watershed moment for retail bond investing in India.”

IIFL Securities is in the process of accelerated digital transformation and has introduced multiple industry first products developed by its 200 strong digital and technology team. The company has also stitched dozens of partnerships and strategic investments in relevant fintechs to bring the best technology for investors.

GoldenPi is one of many products launched as part of our digital strategy. Customers can expect many more partnerships along with industry-first innovative product launches in the coming months.

Some of the key digital initiatives include hassle-free tax filing using Quicko, GoCharting and TradingView integration for better customer trading experience on charts with one click, ETFy providing curated ETF baskets based on strong fundamentals, basket investing through multiple partners such as Smallcase and WealthDesk and global equity investment through Stockal, and option house to ease options trading for first time investors.

IIFL Securities is one of India’s most profitable broking and advisory firms with legacy of over two decades in retail broking and financial products distribution. The business offerings comprise equity, commodities and currency broking, DP service, portfolio advisory and distribution of investment products. The firm manages assets worth over Rs 1.32 lac crores and has over 23 lac customers. IIFL Securities has a daily trading turnover of Rs 83,500 crore.