Hyderabad, 4th September 2023: Hyderabad’s emergence as one of India’s top five startup hubs has marked a remarkable journey of innovation and entrepreneurship. The city’s rise in the startup ecosystem, now ranking among the nation’s top five, is a testament to its unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and supporting visionary entrepreneurs. It stands alongside cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, and Pune, emerging as a vibrant hub for startups and technological innovation.

A significant influx of investments, totaling nearly $900 million, has flowed into Hyderabad and Telangana, igniting the entrepreneurial spirit in the region. Amid this thriving startup landscape, local entrepreneurs have found an ally in Justdial, India’s trusted hyperlocal search engine. Justdial has played a pivotal role in supporting these entrepreneurs, offering them essential digital tools and platforms to navigate the competitive startup environment effectively.

One such entrepreneur, Madhusudan, a civil structure engineer, reflects on his journey: “I started my own company in 2014. At that time, I didn’t know about Justdial and struggled to find clients. Later, I met a Justdial executive who suggested I start with a minimal package. Over time, I gained confidence. In 2018-19, I upgraded to a corporate package by investing around 7 lakhs. I got my return on investment in just 6 months. Since 2018, I’ve been a loyal Justdial customer.”

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of any thriving ecosystem, and Hyderabad’s rapidly increasing startup scene is no exception. These visionary individuals dare to dream, innovate, and take calculated risks to bring their ideas to life. Hyderabad has become a fertile ground for such entrepreneurs, and Justdial is helping by providing them with an environment that encourages fosters growth.

Krishna Kumar, owner of Pioneer Logistics and Packers, attests to the profitability he has experienced through the platform. “I started my business in 2014 with a monthly package of Rs. 6000. Today, my monthly package stands at Rs. 70,000, and I have expanded my services to cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Chandigarh.”

Mr. Abbas, owner of Musical Mart, credits Justdial for enabling his business to expand and manage a broad customer base effectively. “We registered with Justdial five years ago and have been receiving very good response from it. So, it is very good, and we want to continue using the services of Justdial.”

These testimonials showcase the pivotal role played by Justdial in empowering startups and businesses in Hyderabad. As the city consolidates its status as a thriving startup ecosystem, Justdial remains committed to providing entrepreneurs with the digital tools and platforms they need to succeed. The platform’s contribution to the city’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the spirit of innovation, growth, and economic development that defines Hyderabad’s dynamic landscape.