Manisha Swain

Bengaluru, 25th February 2022: The hearing on the Hijab controversy was going on in the Karnataka High Court for the last 11 days. Many petitions were filed in the court regarding the ban on hijab in educational institutions. After hearing all these petitions, the court has reserved its decision.

During a virtual inauguration ceremony, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has advised the minorities of the state. He said, “minorities must adapt to the rapidly changing world to achieve their goals and join the social mainstream.”

He added, “social development along with social justice for minorities can be achieved through various programmes. Given the economic difficulties among the minorities. Suitable programs would be prepared for their development.”

The hearing was going on in the High Court for the last 11 days. During this, all kinds of arguments were presented from both the side of the case and the opposition. The Chief Justice of the High Court made it clear during the last hearing that he would like to settle the matter this week.

The arguments presented before the court implied that the hijab is not a necessary part of religious tradition. The government says that religion should be kept away from educational institutions. The government says that Muslim girl students can come to the school compound wearing a hijab, but wearing a hijab cannot be allowed inside the class.

At the same time, Muslim girl students, who challenged the hijab ban in the High Court, had said during the hearing that the hijab is not a part of religious tradition. But it shows their faith in religion, due to which hijab should not be seen with religion.