Renu Sharma

New Delhi, 25th February 2022 – After Karnataka, the dress code has been issued in schools in Delhi in the midst of the hijab controversy spread in different parts of the country. In this, students have been given strict instructions not to come to school wearing religious clothes.

Actually, the Education Committee of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has issued an order regarding the dress code in its schools. In the order issued by the chairperson of the education committee, it has been said that students should not come to schools wearing religious clothes. The dress code will be followed in schools.

The order said, “It also does not create an inferiority complex among the children studying in the school with regard to the rich and the poor towards each other. It has been seen for some time now that some parents make their children wear religious clothes. Wearing it and sending them to school is not right in any way.”

The order said, “Therefore, keeping all these things in mind, instructions should be given to the officers of all the regional offices that the children of the school can come in the dress code as per their requirement only in school competitions and festivals and on normal days they will attend school in school uniform only.”