Prayagraj, 6th June 2022: A spy camera was found in the bathroom of a girls hostel in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj. After this incident came to light, the police arrested the owner of the hostel and is investigating the matter further.

Ashish Khare, son of a doctor from Prayagraj had built a girls’ hostel in his own house. When a girl student went to the bathroom to take a bath, the water was coming from the shower.
The student felt that something was trapped in the shower. So she shook it 2-
3 times then the camera fell down.
The police have recovered a computer, 9 hard disks, digital video recorder and many other things from the landlord.
Such cases have been coming to the fore not only in girls hostels, but from hotel rooms and changing rooms of shops.
According to Advocate Avinash Goyal, when anyone finds a hidden or spy camera in such a place, they can immediately file a complaint with the police. Action will be taken against the accused under section 354 of IPC.
Hidden cameras often have infrared (IR) blasters, which allow them to record even in the dark. No human can detect IR lights with their eyes. This is the reason why these cameras are impossible to see with the naked eye in the dark. However, these lights can be detected from the infrared spectrum of mobile cameras.