Delhi, 19th February 2023: Often in February, snowfall or severe cold is seen in the hilly areas, but this year, the weather patterns are very different. This time, unusually high temperatures have been witnessed in February.

Scientist of the Meteorological Department, Dr Naresh, says that this year Shimla recorded maximum and minimum temperatures in February, which is more than ever recorded. The Western Disturbance had more influence in Jammu and Kashmir, and the sky remained clear in Himachal, Uttarakhand.

Due to Western Disturbance, there is a possibility of a drop in temperature in the Jammu region from today. At the same time, there is a possibility of a drop in temperature in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand from tomorrow.

A heat wave alert has been issued for two days in Konkan and Kutch. The Director of the Meteorological Center said that this time there have been many changes in the weather during the winter season. An increase of six degrees has been recorded in the temperature of February.

In many areas of Shimla, this year, only a touch of snow has been seen. Because of this, it is believed that due to less snowfall, there will be more heat in the state. The Meteorological Center has expressed the possibility of the Western Disturbance becoming active again from 19th February. During this, there may be snowfall in the higher reaches of the state and rain in the lower areas, but there will be no reduction in the temperature. The weather remained clear in Shimla and Himachal on Saturday.