New Delhi, 22 March 2022: The Government has a digital dashboard of old age homes wherein all the applications received from the Implementing Agencies like Non-Governmental/Voluntary Organizations including trusts/charitable institutions, Government Recognized Educational Institutions, Charitable Hospitals/ Nursing Homes etc. are processed. Name of the portal is e-Anudaan portal.

The details of funds allocated and funds released during the last two years under the Scheme of Integrated Programme for Senior Citizens (IPSrC) are as under:

Financial Year Funds allocated

(Rs. in crore)

Funds released

(Rs. in crore)

2019-20 106.08 106.08
2020-21 122.58 122.58

The IPSrC Scheme guidelines have been revised w.e.f. 01.04.2021 and a provision has been made for establishing a Senior citizen home in each district. For the financial year 2022-23, no funds have been released so far to the implementing agencies for new old age homes.

The details of basic facilities provided in these old age homes are at Annexure-I.

The details of the number of Senior Citizens in old age homes in the country for the FY 2021-22 (upto 09.03.2022), state-wise including Uttar Pradesh, are at Annexure-II.


The vision of the Ministry is to establish a society in which Senior Citizens live a healthy, happy, empowered, dignified and self-reliant life along with strong social and inter-generational bonding. Every institution being funded under the Integrated Programme for Senior Citizens (IPSrC) of Atal Vayo Abhyuday Yojana ( AVYAY) Scheme which shall have further the following facilities:

  1. Residential area comprising rooms/dormitories-separately for men and women;
  2. Adequate Safe drinking water and for ancillary purposes;
  3. Electricity, fans and heating arrangement for residents (as necessary);
  4. Kitchen-cum-store and office;
  5. Dining hall;
  6. Recreation facilities, television, newspaper and an adequate collection of books;
  7. Activities for keeping the residents productively occupied;
  8. First aid, sick bay and primary healthcare facilities.
  9. Should be barrier-free with provision of ramps and handrails, and where necessary, lifts etc.


The details of the number of Senior Citizens in old age homes in the country for the                                          FY 2021-22( upto 09.03.2022) , State-wise including Uttar Pradesh is as under:-

Sl. No. States/UTs No. of Senior Citizens in Old Age homes
1 Andhra Pradesh 1925
2 Chhattisgarh 225
3 Gujarat 250
4 Haryana 425
5 Himachal Pradesh 25
6 Jharkhand 100
7 Karnataka 1270
8 Kerala 100
9 Madhya Pradesh 450
10 Maharashtra 965
11 Odisha 2195
12 Rajasthan 625
13 Tamil Nadu 1695
14 Telangana 500
15 Uttar Pradesh 1370
16 Uttarakhand 25
17 West Bengal 700
18 Delhi 50
19 Pudduherry 100
20 Arunachal Pradesh 50
21 Assam 1290
22 Manipur 850
23 Meghalaya 150
  Total 15335

This information was given by the Minister of State Social Justice & Empowerment Sushri Pramita Bhoumik in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today.