Kangra, 30th October 2022: There was a loud explosion in the district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh at night. A rocket-like explosive material fell on the house in Ansoli village of Kangra. People panicked after the blast and immediately came out of their houses. Thankfully no one in the house was hit by it. Reportedly, this rocket-like explosive reached the kitchen in the house and exploded. The slab of the kitchen was broken by it. The house was damaged by the blast. The police were immediately called to the spot for investigation. This incident happened last night. Due to the remains found in many pieces, people were scared, considering it as a rocket.

This explosive material fell on the roof of Lucky Kumar’s house. This has caused damage to the roof. Apart from this, the surrounding walls have also been damaged. At the time of the accident, the family was having food in the room adjacent to the kitchen. Panchayat head Ambika Devi and the villagers immediately informed the Gagal police station. Police station in-charge Kesar Singh and their team reached the spot and investigated.

The police station in charge said that the activity was carried out by the army in the nearby Kuhala forest at night. Some army personnel had also reached the spot around 11.30 pm.

District Kangra Superintendent of Police Dr Khushal Sharma said that there was an explosion in Ansoli village. It is not a rocket but a light torch cell of the army which is used to illuminate the sky.

It goes straight to its target, but instead of horizontal, it went vertical. Meaning, instead of going straight up, it went to one side and reached a house, and there was an explosion. However, no damage has been reported so far due to this. It turns out it belongs to the Indian Army and is run by the Army itself. Further investigation is on.

Retired army officer Captain Purushottam Chand says that 84 rocket launchers and two-inch mortars are used with light torch cells. If firing is going on, it is used to see the enemy target by turning the darkness into light.

In Kachiyari, the exercise is done by the army. Here is the firing range of the army. Accidents like this can happen here even before. A few years ago a child was killed when a mortar exploded.