Maharashtra, 17th March 2021: Dukaan, a platform that allows merchants to start, grow and run their business online, has come forward to extend a helping hand amid the coronavirus crisis owing to which Pune, Mumbai cities are likely to be impacted by the restrictions and curfews to curtail the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic in the state of Maharashtra. Dukaan, which makes creating an online store on a smart phone under 30secs easy for merchants with non-technical backgrounds and to deliver a better shopping experience for consumers, wants to assure the merchants that in this hour of crisis this home-grown platform will not let the pandemic impact their businesses.

Since its inception, Dukaan has helped merchants keep their businesses up, alive and running by offering sustainability through the app and empowering them during the hour of crisis like curfews. These merchants range from those who sell groceries, fruits and vegetables, electronics, food delivery etc. and through the Dukaan app, they have been able to reach over 4lakh customers in Maharashtra since late 2020.

Dukaan empowers merchants to go digital, register their online presence and utilizing social media channels to sell their products and services at their own convenience just by using their smartphones. When a merchant registers on the Dukaan app, they get a customised store link to showcase their products and services to the target audience, which can be shared through various social media platforms for direct orders.

Merchants registered on the Dukaan app can receive instant payments for their sales in a hassle-free manner with the newly added feature that eliminates any processing charge or fee for transactions. The feature now enables over 2.7 million merchants to collect contactless payments from their customers. With the help of Dukaan’s new online payment feature, merchants will be able to integrate their bank account and UPI ID and collect payment for their goods and services in a seamless manner.