Sushant Ranjan
New Delhi/Patna, 15th May 2021: As the lockdown has been imposed in many states there is still a worrying situation. In the second wave of coronavirus disease (COVID19), the infection rate has gone above 15 percent in many states.

As per the central government report, the infection rate in Bihar is around 2.3 percent, which is better than in Delhi and Maharashtra. Delhi and Maharashtra have recorded the highest percentage of recovery rate.

As per the report, the infection rate was recorded at 16 percent on April 30, which is now coming down. If compared with the date from the beginning of corona (last year) the infection rate of Bihar is the lowest in the country.

The infection rate in Bihar has been recorded as 2.3 percent, which is the lowest in the country. Other major states like Maharashtra recorded 17.3 percent, 11.7 percent in Kerala, 8.3 percent in Madhya Pradesh, 7.6 percent in Delhi and 3.6 percent in Uttar Pradesh.

As per the data, the recovery rate of Bihar is now improving. But the state is far behind Delhi and Maharashtra. The state registered an 85 percent of recovery rate. The recovery rate of Delhi has registered 92.8 percent and Maharashtra has registered 88.3 percent, which is the second-highest in the country.