New Delhi, 15 September 2022: In an endeavor to connect with people, the Centre of Excellence for Khadi presents Aavartan, a two-day event on 16th & 17th September 2022 at the Bangalore International Centre (BIC) Bengaluru.

The Centre of Excellence for Khadi (CoEK) was conceived by the Ministry of MSME to support Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) in association with the National Institute of Fashion Technology, with the intention to reach out to young audience and global market. The centre has been set up as a hub and spokes model at Delhi as hub; Bengaluru, Gandhinagar, Kolkata and Shillong as spokes.

The event will showcase home and apparel collections designed for a pan-generational audience by the in-house designers of CoEK.  Khadi Institutions have been invited to market their fabrics and sarees. Interactive sessions have been planned on khadi and its finer nuances by CoEK team, for which students from the design colleges of Bengaluru have been invited on 16th September. The three sessions: Relinking Khadi, Khadi for new Generation and the DNA for Khadi, will encourage conversation on sustainability and legacy of Khadi.

Another initiative of CoEK ‘Khadi and Art’, is a medium to reach out to the followers of different art forms and to acknowledge how art is intertwined with Khadi. CoEK has collaborated with Kalyani Sarada, a young contemporary dancer and choreographer, based in Bengaluru. She will be presenting a specially choreographed piece ‘Aavartan’ at 6;00pm on 17th September 2022 at BIC. Her performance aims to portray the unique process of khadi. The performers will be wearing the Khadi ensemble designed specially by the team of CoEK.

The event aims to integrate Khadi with other art forms to take the ‘Khadi Spirit’ to a broader audience and interpret Khadi with newer meanings. The event will focus on connecting Khadi with Youth through the exhibition and the sessions and give Khadi Institutions a platform to showcase their products.