Koppal (Karnataka), 11th August 2022: Two people were killed and several others injured in a violent clash between two factions over inter-religious ties in Karnataka’s Koppal district on Thursday.
The incident is of Hulihaidar in the district, where two factions got involved in a love affair. The matter escalated so much that it immediately took a violent form. Heavy police force has been deployed in the village after the incident. The injured are being treated.
According to information received from the police, Venkappa (60) and Basha (22) were killed and at least four others from both the groups were injured in the violent clash. During the clash, both the groups were armed with sticks and weapons.
The police said that in the two groups in which the violent clashes took place, one is Muslim and the other is from Valmiki Samaj.
A police officer from Kanakagiri police station, on condition of anonymity, said, “The Valmiki boy and the Muslim girl were in live-in and had left the village. Both are adults. Both were brought back and handed over to their families but, the girl did not agree and came back after which the tension escalated.”
He added, “Some people from one side came on bikes in front of the houses of the other side and made comments after which the tension escalated. Adequate security arrangements were made in the village due to Muharram.”
At present the situation has been brought under control.SP, Deputy SP and police force are deployed on the spot.