Pune, July 20, 2020: Attention content creators, your dream contest is here!Short video-
sharing app Chingari has announced the launch of — Chingari Stars: Talent Ka Mahasangram
— the country’s first digital talent hunt show where the best content creator will be awarded with
whooping prize money of Rs 1 crore. Besides, the best content creators from each state will win
Rs 5 lakh for their select video uploaded on the Made in India app. Not to forget, the shortlisted
contestants and the winner will also earn recognition and fame through the contest.
Mr Sumit Ghosh, Cofounder of the Chingari App, said, “The contest — Chingari stars:
Talent Ka MahaSangram — will be India’s first digital reality show. Chingari users will vote for
the best content uploaded on the app and the all-India winner will be given Rs 1 crore. The
competition is aimed at promoting desi talents and helping them fulfill their dream of becoming
famous and rich. We are confident that people in large numbers will join Chingari to showcase
their talent.”
The state level and national level contests will be held in a span of 15-20 days each and the
content creators can make videos in any category of their preference — be it dance, songs, act,
mimic, stand-up, or innovation.
Divulging more information about the contest, Mr Sumit Ghosh, Cofounder and Chief Product
Officer, Chingari App, said, “The contest is open for all Indians, including those living abroad.
Each participant would have to upload the performance in a 15-60 seconds video format. The
shortlisted performers will also get a chance to appeal for votes on national and regional news
channels. To ensure complete transparency, the live count of votes will be run on the
leaderboard of the app.”

— DOWNLOAD THE CHINGARI APP: Download free Chingari app from Google Play Store or iOS Store and
create your profile on the platform
— SELECT YOUR FAVOURITE CATEGORY: Chingari has a wide range of offerings across dance, songs, acts,
mimics, stand-ups, innovations
— UPLOAD YOUR BEST VIDEO: Upload your best performance in a 15 – 60 seconds video format
— SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS: Get your contacts to appreciate your incredible talent
— ASK FRIENDS TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE APP: Ask them to follow you to vote for you and give your video a
Chingari (Like)
— TOP 10 CONTESTANTS FROM EACH STATE WILL BE SHORTLISTED: They will compete for Rs 5 lakh prize
money for each state
— WIN Rs 5 LAKH AND COMPETE FOR Rs 1 CRORE: 1 contestant from each state who has maximum Chingaris
will win Rs 5 lakh and get a chance to compete in national-level competition for the prize money of Rs 1 crore. Top 10
talents from each state will also complete for the top prize of 1 crore.
— STATE WINNERS TO UPLOAD 3 NEW VIDEOS: Each state winner contestant will create 3 fresh videos on the
Chingari app
— APPEAL FOR VOTES: Chingari will get the vote appeal videos done from each contestant which will be shown
on news channels (both national and regional)
— WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: After live count of votes, Chingari will announce the winner on the 25th august of
the national-level contest
The indigenous platform has also invited Indie music composers to upload their creations on the
free platform with a promise to give them distribution and pay them on the basis of the reach of
their song. Chingari will also provide revenue share to composers for the songs that become
popular on the app.
Meanwhile, the user base of Chingari has been soaring sky high with the app garnering 20
million downloads within a month. The app has also been trending on the Google Play Store for
nearly a month now.
So, what are you waiting for? Download the Chingari app and upload your best performance to
get a chance to win Rs 1 crore and become famous.