Chanderi, 5th February 2022: Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has gone to Chanderi in Ashoknagar, Madhya Pradesh for the shooting of the film ‘3 Idiots’. He had befriended a weaver there. Aamir had given a ring to his friend as a token and had food at his house too. Giving the phone number, he said, “Whenever needed, remember this friend.”

It has been 12 years since this incident, but this family did not get any help. Kamlesh left the world in the second wave of Corona. Kamlesh’s family is desperate for bread.

In the hut there, Kamlesh’s wife Kamla Bai, 50, lives with her 9-year-old son Ashish, 12-year-old daughter Karishma, and 21-year-old Santoshi. Santoshi is mentally challenged. One daughter Ramvati is married. After Kamlesh’s death, Ashish and Karishma dropped out of school due to financial constraints.

The actor and the children had spent 5 hours there. He had eaten food cooked by Kamala Bai and daughter Ramvati with the family. The actor also tried to make a saree with charkha.

A few days ago, actress Kareena Kapoor shared her photo on social media with Chanderi’s black saree. The saree was worth 6 thousand rupees, but Aamir bought it from his friend Kamlesh Kori of Chanderi by paying 25 thousand rupees.

Kamala says that a mountain of troubles broke out in the second wave of Corona last year. Husband Kamlesh had respiratory disease. When he became ill during the Corona period, there was a problem with breathing and on 31 May 2021, he left this world. There was a lockdown, all avenues of earning were closed. He died due to a lack of treatment. After his departure, the problem of raising the children arose.

Kamala recalled that night and said, “Aamir Khan had mixed quite a lot with the family. He also called her husband Kamlesh his friend. He was also asked to get treatment for his sick daughter Santoshi. At that time Santoshi was 9 years old, now she is 21 years old. Santoshi’s mental condition is not good. Amir had assured help.”

Aamir gave his mobile number but when they called him the number didn’t work. Kamala said, “if Aamir helps while fulfilling the duty of friendship, then he will be able to get the daughter’s treatment along with the education of the children.”

Kamala said, “I am also unable to work properly due to old age. Sometimes by making a saree and sometimes by making beedi, I am maintaining the family. There is no speed in making saree as before. The treatment of daughter Santoshi has also stopped. If I don’t have money, what should I do?”

During the shooting of the film 3 Idiots, Aamir and Kareena reached Kamlesh’s house to see the weaving of sarees. Here he gave Kamlesh a ring written as AK as a sign of friendship. Apart from this, a letter of gratitude was also given, in which he had written his name as well.

Kamala has preserved them even today. Kamla tells that then Kamlesh went to Mumbai on the call of Aamir. There he also did some financial help. He also asked them to open a showroom in Mumbai for the weavers of Chanderi so that they can sell their hard work at a good price.