New Delhi, 18 February 2022: Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) organized an awareness and implementation webinar on ‘Indian Standards on Aqua feed’ on 17 February 2022. More than 100 participants from industry and government fishery departments attended the program. Information pertaining to the current Indian Standards on fish feed and new standards in pipeline were shared, highlighting the important requirements prescribed. The participants were also encouraged to review and comment on draft standards currently under wide circulation till 15 March 2022. The manufacturers were encouraged to take BIS certification for use of Standards Mark (ISI mark) on their products. Information on BIS Conformity Assessment Scheme and process of application of license were also provided.

BIS has published four Indian Standards for Aqua feed, which are listed below:

  1. IS 16150 (Part 1) : 2014 Fish Feed – Specification, Part 1 Carp Feed
  2. IS 16150 (Part 2) : 2014 Fish Feed – Specification, Part 2 Catfish Feed
  3. IS 16150 (Part 3) : 2014 Fish Feed – Specification, Part 3 Shrimp Feed
  4. IS 16150 (Part 4) : 2014 Fish Feed – Specification, Part 4 Freshwater Prawn Feed

We are is in process of developing new Indian Standards for aqua feed covering new species, where the request has been made by Ministry of Fisheries, AH&D.

  1. Fish feed for Pangasius fish
  2. Fish feed for omnivorous fish
  3. Fish feed for carnivorous fish
  4. Fish feed for polyculture of fish

As aquaculture is making rapid progress in the country and new initiatives / schemes are being launched by governments in this field. Implementation of Indian Standards would ensure optimum quality of aqua feed and this in turn improves quality of aquaculture produce. Enhanced quality and safety of the aqua feed will benefit the producer by commanding better price and the end consumers will receive safe product enhancing the overall health of the ecosystem. The standards can also be used to regulate the quality of fish feed being imported in the country.