New Delhi, 26th May 2022: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has started preparing for the Lok Sabha elections which are going to be held in 2024.

The focus of the BJP is to strengthen its presence in the 144 Lok Sabha seats where it had to face defeat in 2019.

BL Santosh, general secretary of the organization, made a presentation on the plan which includes a massive public relations campaign for Union ministers.

In the first phase, the party will gather complete information about these 144 Lok Sabha seats and the assembly seats under them. According to the BJP, the party will strengthen the booths in these seats.

BJP will deploy three levels of leaders to work in these seats over the next 18 months. Firstly there will be a central committee consisting of national leaders who will oversee the entire programme. Second, a state committee will implement the plans on the ground. Third, a Cluster Committee with Union Ministers would be directly involved in overseeing the activities and coordinating between the Central and State Committees.

A dossier will be prepared highlighting weak assembly constituencies, election forecast and caste equation. The team will also keep an eye on the party’s candidates for these 144 seats. The party has also planned campaigns every month in the constituencies of opposition-ruled states.

A special media in-charge will be appointed for each Lok Sabha seat. The team will also be tasked with convincing the local media houses that are against the BJP. The social media team will be given a target of increasing at least 50,000 followers in each of these 144 Lok Sabha seats by December this year.

Public outreach programs will be launched at various levels targeting different voter groups like youth, beneficiaries, women, people in armed forces, etc.

Union ministers have also been asked to upload their selfies with the beneficiaries of government programmes.

The work on this detailed program will start from June and evaluation will be done after the completion of the first phase. Accordingly, the next phase will be planned.