Bihar: Patna DM send notice to these hospitals for fleecing patients in the name of treatment

Sushant Ranjan

Patna, April 29, 2021: The district administration conducted raids and inquiries at four hospitals in Patna after allegations of arbitrary fees for treatment.

DM of Patna Chandrashekhar Singh has issued notices to 3 hospitals in the capital. Hospitals include Om Patliputra Hospital, Oxygen Hospital which admitted COVID patients without permission.  The notice has also been issued to the Federal Vinayak Hospital on charges of arbitrarily collecting money from patients and their families. At the same time, the famous Rajeshwar Hospital management of Patna has also been questioned after complaints related to irregularities were received.

The district administration has taken action after receiving complaints that these private hospitals are taking more than the prescribed limit in the name of treatment, manipulating the availability of Remdesivir injection, despite being not registered as the COVID Hospital admitting infected patients and do not have oxygen cylinders and others. Taking these complaints seriously, the district administration team investigated the four hospitals and notice has been given.

Sources in the administration say that if the response to the notice from these hospitals is not received correctly, then the registration of the hospital can be cancelled.

DM Dr Chandrashekhar Singh has made it clear that if they receive complaints from any hospital for the collection of arbitrary amounts, then strict action will be taken against them.

The DM has appealed to the people that if they have any issue regarding treatment or any kind of problem then they can complain to the magistrate posted there.

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