Bengaluru, 27th November 2022: A software developer, Priyansh Jain, recently posted screenshots of a communication with a broker in which the broker requested information about his history and stated that the owner was looking for people from “particular backgrounds” on Twitter. Although deleted, the tweet gained a lot of attention.

Before presenting the rooms, the broker, according to Jain, should have the owner examine his LinkedIn page. Jain responded to the broker by stating that he was a vegetarian and worked for the software business Atlassian. Then, she inquired as to which college he attended. The broker replied, “Sorry, your profile does not fit,” after hearing him mention Vellore Institute of Technology. Jain inquired about the owner’s requirements after becoming curious.

She claimed that the owner would only rent the apartment to students from particular universities, such as IIMs, IITs, or ISB, thus he could not rent it to him. It turned out that he was speaking with other brokers as well. The other broker he spoke to also requested the URL to his LinkedIn profile, indicating that this practice had spread throughout Bengaluru. The fact that a similar tweet went viral in 2021 demonstrates how Bengaluru landlords have been engaging in this practice for a while.