New Delhi, 09 May 2022: The ongoing global layoffs has taken a heavy toll on the corporate sector. In a number of worldwide organisations, layoffs and reorganisations have occurred. It’s transformed the way we work and how we think about work. The layoffs has also forced us to accept the truth that the workplace is highly volatile.

The enormous layoffs that occurred at recently are one of the most recent examples of this. Vishal Garg, the CEO of, convened a Zoom meeting with 900 employees from various departments. The meeting’s purpose was to inform the staff that they would be leaving the organisation. Garg and his team realised that the huge hiring campaign had resulted in a larger flood of people than expected.

This is only one example of the reality faced by many businesses around the world. In 2020, a total of 81 million jobs will be destroyed. The situation was significantly worse in the world’s poorest countries. One such example is India. Despite the fact that the country was able to keep the number of job losses low, the effects of the layoffs have begun to manifest. In the last few months, has laid off almost 4000 people, and it isn’t the only company to do so.

To address this issue, Gagan Malhotra, a Delhi youth, has launched the “bebetteragain” platform. Gagan wants to create a community of people who have been affected by the mass layoffs. This group of people will be linked to a number of different employers. aspires to create a network where anyone who has lost their job can re-enter the workforce. is a single-handed effort by Gagan and few volunteers. Currently, the initiative has connected over 70 companies with suitable jobseekers. bebetteragain.coms network has gone out to 150+ companies, with 120 of them having already signed up.

Gagan and his team are in charge of the entire process. They’ve scheduled interviews, assisted with mass recruiting, and matched people with appropriate employers based on their employment profiles. “Losing a job is sudden, and it results in a severe mental impact on the person,” Gagan added. My goal with bebetteragain is to revitalise the corporate workforce and help as many people as possible. My vision is to build a network platform where anyone may find an opportunity at any given time.”

The most recent advancement in the journey of bebetteragain is the recognition by Anupam Mittal, the Founder of Anupam has been a successful entrepreneur for many years and has assisted in the growth of over 200 companies. He was also a shark on the Indian version of Shark Tank. His vision of a capable India complemented bebetteragain’s vision. In a subsequent LinkedIn conversation, the creator expressed gratitude for the endeavour and stated that his hiring team would contact bebetteragain.

bebetteragain’s goal isn’t just to connect qualified job seekers with companies. Bebetteragain’s founder also organises Zoom conversations to provide encouragement, CV transformation, efficient communication and job application, and interview suggestions. This aids in the restoration of people’s lost confidence, resulting in improved interview performance.
The platform of bebetteragain is useful for more than simply job searchers. The organisation has a number of job postings and employment alerts that keep people up to date on current developments and opportunities. This can be used by those who are seeking for a new job or better possibilities, but it is primarily aimed towards people who have lost their jobs due to layoffs, company closures, or forced resignations.
“We are on our way to building a successful user base and portal,” Gagan continues, “and our goal is to enable every person present on the portal find suitable jobs in various prominent firms based on the job profile.” The company, as well as this project, will continue to grow, and it is garnering a lot of support.
This one-of-a-kind effort is backed by the corporate experience he has accumulated over the course of his career. With that knowledge and experience he envisions a change in the working environment and culture of the corporate industry.