Shikha Chaurasia

New Delhi, November 2, 2020: Kanta Prasad (80) who runs the Baba ka Dhaba in Malviya Nagar, Delhi recently shot to fame because of a video which went viral on social media. The video was shot by YouTuber Gaurav Wasan through which Baba ka Dhaba received monetary help.

However, Kanta Prasad has now filed a complaint against Wasan for misappropriating funds which were collected to help him and his wife.

Prasad has alleged that Wasan has only has given him only a cheque of Rs 2 lakh and the rest of the donations which came into Wasan’s account has been kept by him. Baba also said that Wasan deliberately gave his and his family’s account details for raising funds for his personal gains.

The complaint was filed on Saturday in the Malviya Nagar police station. DCP Atul Kumar Thakur (south) has said that no FIR has been registered as of yet and they will investigate the complaint further.

On the other hand, Wasan has denied all allegations of misappropriation of funds. He said, “I genuinely wanted to help Baba and I did not have any selfish reasons. I have also helped other people like Baba by making their videos and helping them by raising money.” For proving his innocence, Wasan also shared three receipts of his transactions dated October 27. The first receipt was of a cheque of Rs one lakh, second was for a cheque of Rs 2 lakh 33 thousand and the third receipt was of a bank payment worth Rs 45 thousand. He said that this was the amount of money he was able to collect in three days. He also put up photos of his bank statements which showed that the amount of money donated to Baba from his account was around Rs 3.5 lakh.

“I only gave my personal bank account details because at the time of shooting the video Baba did not request for his own account details and I didn’t want anyone to harass him”, added Wasan.

Some YouTubers have alleged that Wasan received around 20-25 lakh and did not give the money to Kanta Prasad to which Wasan replied that this was not true and he will press for legal action against the YouTubers.