Tehran (Iran), 7th December 2022: The Iranian government has disbanded the Morality Police. However, it is not yet clear what changes will be made in the law regarding the matter of mandatory Hijabs.
Amidst this, the Iran National Student Union has claimed that at least 1200 students have been fed poisoned food.

They say that the protest against the government was to be held only a day later. Before this, the health of hundreds of students deteriorated. The students got pain all over their body with food poisoning. Apart from this, many students also fainted.

Citing health reasons, students at Kharazmi university have stopped eating in cafeterias.
However, officials say that the students have complained about waterborne bacteria.

The students say that they have been deliberately given poison in the food. A group wrote on Telegram that they have had the same experience before. At Isfahan University, a large number of students were poisoned similarly.

Some of the clinics at the university were closed, while the open clinics did not have medicines for dehydration and some other diseases.

The students had planned a demonstration and strike against the Iranian government, and before that a large number of students became ill.

A few months ago, people started protesting against the government. However, the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody sparked nationwide outrage. According to different figures, at least 450 people have lost their lives in Iran due to this movement.