New Delhi, 30th September 2023: Explosive allegations have surfaced in the entertainment industry, with Tamil actor Vishal accusing the Central Board of Certification (CBFC) of passing films in exchange for bribes. In a surprising turn of events, former CBFC chairman Pahlaj Nihalani has come forward to support Vishal’s claims and has made startling disclosures related to Prasoon Joshi, the current CBFC chairman.

Following Vishal’s allegations, a flurry of comments from various quarters of society has poured in. Many have voiced their support for Vishal, prompting a response from the Tamil actor. Vishal revealed that he had to pay a staggering sum of Rs 6.5 lakh to the Censor Board to secure approval for the Hindi version of his film ‘Mark Antony.’ The industry erupted in uproar after his accusations, with Pahlaj Nihalani demanding Prasoon Joshi’s resignation, affirming the veracity of Vishal’s claims.

Vishal, a prominent South Indian actor, shared a video accusing the censor board of accepting bribes in exchange for film certifications. Following this revelation, the government swiftly ordered an inquiry into the matter. Expressing his gratitude on Saturday morning, Vishal posted a tweet thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said, “I thank the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for promptly taking action on such a significant issue related to corruption in CBFC. I hope this will serve as a message to all government employees who engage in bribery or contemplate doing so.”

“I thank PM Narendra Modi and Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde, as well as all those who have brought this issue to light,” Vishal continued. “Such actions bring satisfaction to a common man like me, as it assures us that justice will prevail. Jai Hind.”

Subsequent to Vishal’s revelations, Pahlaj Nihalani stood by his claims and urged Prasoon Joshi to step down from his position. Speaking to news agency ANI, Nihalani stated that this practice was deeply entrenched. “Vishal has exposed the CBFC thoroughly,” he remarked. “When the central government came to power, we heard the slogan ‘na khaunga na khaane dunga’ (I will neither take bribes nor allow anyone to do so). However, the CBFC is openly involved in accepting bribes. The chairman is seldom present in the office, and he neglects the daily operations. Prasoon Joshi has delegated all authority to the CO, whose sole responsibility is administrative oversight. If he cannot spare the time, he has no right to occupy that chair. The situation at the censor board office is disgraceful. Corruption has plagued the CBFC for an extended period.”

The shocking allegations have ignited a fierce debate on the state of the film certification process in India, raising concerns about corruption within the CBFC.