New Delhi, 10th May 2023: ABP News-CVoter (Centre for Voting Opinion & Trends in Election Research), has released its much-awaited exit poll results for the Karnataka State Assembly elections. The survey projects that Congress is likely to emerge as a leading party in the State and is expected to reach closer to the majority mark magic figure.

The ABP News-CVoter exit poll findings suggest that the Congress is likely to win between 100-112 seats, securing 41.1% of the total vote share. On the other hand, the BJP is projected to attain a lesser number, with 83-95 seats, with a lower vote share of 38.3%. The JDS party is expected to be the third distant political party obtaining a lower vote share of 14.6% and projected seats ranging from 21-29. However, in case of a hung assembly, JDS might play the role of a kingmaker.

The poll also predicts that the other smaller players are likely to receive a vote share of 6% with 2-6 seats.


This poll is based on surveys conducted on 10 May 2023. CVoter has made sure that the analysis is properly represented by statistically balancing the data to make it reflective of the local population according to the most recent census results. This survey is based on CATI interviews with respondents who are adults (18+) and represent all segments.

Sample Size: 41715