Udaipur, 29th June 2022: The brutal murder of Taylor Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur, Rajasthan has shocked the whole country. Due to a post in support of Nupur Sharma, the fundamentalists cut Kanhaiya’s neck on the lines of Islamic State terrorists. The Rajasthan Police has also come under the scanner on Kanhaiya’s murder. The Gehlot government itself is also accepting the lapse of the police department. But for now, only ASI has been suspended.

The police were smart in arresting Kanhaiya Some people had complained to the police station regarding Kanhaiyalal’s post on Nupur Sharma. Taking quick action on this complaint, Udaipur Police arrested Kanhaiyalal. However, he later got bail from the court.

Then why did the police slow down

After getting bail, Kanhaiya started receiving threats from the fundamentalists. He started receiving death threats through phone calls and messages from different numbers. Seeing the danger to his life, Kanhaiya reached the same police station on June 15 with a complaint and plea, where he was arrested by the police. Giving information about the threats, he pleaded for the protection of his life and demanded protection.

The police made a mistake

The police, who did not delay in arresting Kanhaiya, did not see any need to register a case or arrest those who threatened him. All that was done in the name of action was calling some people to the police station, persuading them and sending them home by preaching to live in peace and harmony. Why did the police not understand the sensitivity of the matter? Why was the threat of beheading taken so lightly? Why were the accused not arrested in time? Everyone is raising such questions on the Rajasthan Police and it is being said that if the police had arrested those who threatened, then Kanhaiyalal would probably have been alive today.