New Delhi, 10 June 2021: Government of India has been supporting the efforts of States and UTs for an effective Vaccination drive under the “Whole of Government” approach since 16th January, this year. Several measures are being taken for ensuring timely availability of the COVID Vaccines across the country. Streamlining its supply chain including storage is also given equally important priority.

Some media reports have highlighted the letter of the Union health Ministry to States/UTs regarding the eVIN inventory and temperature data.

The Government’s advice to States/UTs to obtain permission of the Union Ministry of Health before sharing the E-VIN data & analytics related to vaccines stocks and the temperature at which they are stored, is solely to prevent any misuse of this data by various agencies for commercial purpose.

The crucial information related to specific vaccine usage trends for multiple vaccines used in Universal Immunization Programme (UIP), and temperature related data in respect to each such vaccine, can be used to manipulate the market as well as associated research with respect to various vaccines and cold chain equipments. It is important to note that the Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare is using the E-VIN electronic platform for all vaccines used under UIP for more than six years now. Sharing of sensitive E-VIN data on stocks & storage, temperature requires the Health Ministry’s prior consent.

The data on COVID-19 vaccine stocks, consumption and balance as reflected on Co-WIN platform and is being regularly shared in a transparent manner by the Union Health Ministry with the media and public through weekly press conferences and daily press releases. The Health Ministry’s letter to the States and UTs in focus was intended to prevent use of such sensitive data for unauthorised commercial purposes.

Government of India is committed to transparency in the COVID-19 vaccination programme and that is the reason it came up with a real time IT-based tracking of vaccine logistics up to beneficiaries through Co-WIN. The aim is to share the information with the general public on a regular basis.