Bhilwara, 05th August 2021: The Khap Panchayat of Bhilwara while pronouncing a Tughlaqi decree, excommunicated an 80-year-old elderly woman from society. Along with this, a fine of Rs 40 lakh has also been imposed on her.

Her daughter was also ostracized from society for giving shelter to an elderly woman. The fault of the elderly woman is that she wants to give a share of her land to the daughters.

On the complaint of the elderly woman, the Bhilwara Superintendent of Police has directed the Karoi SHO to investigate and take strict action.

According to the information received, the case is of Karauli Kheda village in Bhilwara district, where 80-year-old Jhamku Devi has been ostracized by the Khap Panchayat and fined Rs 40 lakh. After the decision of the panchayat, when Jhamku Devi took shelter with her daughter, she was also ostracized from the society.

Jhamku Bai told Superintendent of Police Vikas Sharma that her husband had died four years ago. They had three daughters and a son. The son had died earlier and the three daughters were married. He has 12 bighas of land. Out of this, she wants to give three bighas of land to each of her daughters and wants to keep the remaining three bighas of land with her.

Her relatives do not like the idea of giving land to daughters. Therefore, pressure was being put on her by relatives by meeting the caste panchs to give the land in the name of brother-in-law. She was not ready for this.

Many times the Panchayat was convened on this issue and the Panchayat ordered to name the land in the name of brother-in-law. When she did not agree to this, she was excommunicated from society.

After the decision of the panchayat, when the elderly woman took shelter in her daughter’s house, she was also thrown out of the society.

Bhilwara Superintendent of Police Vikas Sharma says that the investigation of the case has been handed over to the Karoi Police Officer.