Hyderabad, 10 June 2021: India’s leading immersive learning EdTech platform and Hyderabad-based, Practically has announced that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Telangana Recognised School Managements Association (TRSMA), to bring technology-enabled education to over 2.5 lac teachers, 33 lac students across 10,000 schools covering all 33 districts in Telangana.

Practically offers immersive content and learning experiences through its innovative Practically School Solution. The solution enables the teacher with capabilities like 3D visual content, life-like simulations, augmented reality modules, test preparation, and live classes that help K-12 students grasp STEM concepts better. Practically will soon hit a milestone metric of 1 million MAU and plans to expand further across India beyond the recent foray into Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra. TRSMA is a non-profit organization that works towards the development and welfare of private schools in Telangana with its primary focus on quality innovation in education, technology-enabled education, and the continuous development of teachers and school leaders.

Under this exclusive partnership, Practically will provide free access to Practically School Solution to all TRSMA member schools, including access to the platform for all video and experiential content, test-prep, and other teaching modules. Practically will also organize regular training sessions to help teachers to use digital tools, update them about new and existing product features, enabling them to use the features seamlessly during teaching sessions. The tie-up will allow schools to integrate Practically’s advanced technology with their teaching-learning process.


“In the current COVID situation, schools need all the help to continue teaching more effectively and bring the much-needed engagement to virtual teaching and learning experience. We are honored to work with TRSMA and use Practically School Solution to address the academic needs of schools and provide students with immersive content facilitating experiential learning. Amid the pandemic, we believe it is important to ensure continuous learning and we are playing our role in enabling online education, upskilling thousands of teachers, and impacting lacs of students in TRSMA member schools.” said Charu Noheria, Co-Founder and COO at Practically on the occasion.

Speaking about the association, Mr. Yadagiri Shekar Rao, President of TRSMA, said, “This tie-up comes at a time when the pandemic has disrupted the delivery of traditional education. While schools were able to conduct classes online, the lack of a learning environment similar to physical classrooms was a challenge for students. Practically’s technology re-imagines the traditional classroom & study material, making it easier for students to learn and understand the course curriculum online. We are pleased to partner with the next big EdTech unicorn and the only one to be based out of Telangana.”

As a part of the partnership with TRSMA, Practically also contributed a sum of INR 5 lacs towards the TRSMA COVID Relief Fund. The amount will be utilized to assist the families of TRSMA staff members who lost their lives due to COVID recently.