New Delhi, 27 May 2021: Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a high-level meeting to review the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM). On 15th Aug 2020, during his Independence Day address, Hon’ble Prime Minister had announced the launch of NDHM. Since then, the digital modules and registries have been developed and the mission has been rolled out in six Union Territories. So far, nearly 11.9 lakh Health IDs have been generated and 3106 doctors and 1490 facilities have registered on the platform.

It has been envisaged that Unified Health Interface (UHI) – an open and interoperable IT network for digital health should soon be rolled out. This interface shall enable public and private solutions and apps to plug in and be a part of National Digital Health Ecosystem. It will allow users to search, book and avail necessary healthcare services such as tele-consultations or laboratory tests. The system will ensure that only verified healthcare providers join the ecosystem. This is likely to unleash a digital health tech revolution with innovations and various services for citizens. In such a manner, healthcare infrastructure and human resources can also be utilised in a more efficient manner across the nation.

The concept of UPI e-Voucher developed by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) was also discussed. This digital payment option will enable financial transactions linked to specific purpose which can be used only by the intended user. It can be useful for targeted and efficient delivery of various government schemes and an immediate use cases of UPI e-Voucher could be healthcare services.

The PM directed that steps be expedited to expand operations under the NDHM. PM said that NDHM will bring ease of living for citizens to avail a large number of health services. He observed that though the technical platform and building up of registries are inevitable essential elements, the utility of the platform to the citizens will be visible only by way of enabling citizens across the country to avail of services like tele consultation with a Doctor, availing services of a lab, transferring test reports or health records digitally to the Doctor and paying digitally for any of the above services. He directed the NHA along with the Ministry of Health & the Ministry of Electronics & IT to coordinate efforts in this direction.