New Delhi, 20 May 2021: Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the state and district officials on the COVID-19 situation through video conference.

During the interaction, the officials thanked the Prime Minister for his leadership in the battle against Covid-19. The officials briefed the Prime Minister about the improving covid situation in their respective districts. They shared their experience of using technology for real-time monitoring and capacity building. They also informed about the steps taken to enhance public participation and awareness in their districts.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister urged everyone to ensure full commitment to fight the pandemic. He added, Coronavirus has made the work more demanding and challenging. In the midst of these new challenges, new strategies and solutions are needed. He said over the past few years, active cases have started to reduce in the country. But he warned that the challenge remains as long as this infection is present even on the minor scale.

The Prime Minister lauded the outstanding work of the state and district officials in fighting the pandemic and said experiences and feedback from their work in the field, helped in making practical and effective policies. He added that vaccination strategy is also being pushed forward by incorporating suggestions from states and various stakeholders at all levels.

The Prime Minister stressed on the need to use local experiences and the need to work together as a country. He urged to spread messages on keeping villages Corona-free and following COVID-appropriate behaviour, even when cases are declining. He asked the officials to devise their strategy in a rural and urban specific way and ensure that Rural India is COVID free.

The Prime Minister remarked that every epidemic has taught us the importance of continuous innovation and change in our ways of dealing with epidemics. He emphasized that the methods and strategies in dealing with the pandemic should be dynamic as the virus is expert in mutation and changing the format. He said virus mutation is concerning the youth and children. He stressed the need to boost vaccination drive.

On vaccine wastage, the Prime Minister said wastage of a single vaccine means not being able to provide the necessary security to an individual. Therefore he urged to stop vaccine wastage.

The Prime Minister also emphasized the priority of eazing the lives of citizens while saving lives. He added facilities for free ration for the poor, other essential supplies must be provided and black marketing should be stopped. He said these steps are also necessary to win this fight and to move forward.