Mumbai,5 August 2021: The Government of Maharashtra is planning to allow wine to be sold at retail outlets and departmental stores. Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has expressed its concerns regarding this move. Accordingly, the President of JIH Maharashtra has written to the Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra that he is deeply disturbed by this proposed move in the larger interest of the citizens of the state.
In his letter to the CM, he has quoted Prophet Muhammad ﷺ that alcohol is the mother of all evils. It is for this reason that Islam completely prohibits the consumption and sale of alcohol. Wine and gambling have destroyed many a family across the world, and Maharashtra is no exception. According to a WHO report, alcohol kills some 2.6 lakh Indians every year. Of these, 1 lakh die in road accidents, 30,000 from cancer and another 1.4 lakh from liver cirrhosis. We are well aware that alcoholism also leads to domestic violence and untold penury.
He has expressed his fear that this proposal to ostensibly categorise wine as a health drink and promote it would open the floodgates for other forms of alcohol to be sold so freely in the future too. Moreover, it cannot be denied that making wine freely available at departmental stores would make hitherto teetotalers alcoholics. Once they become habitual of wine, they can also succumb to addiction of other forms of alcohol.
Mr. Khan further wrote that he had hoped that under the present rule, Maharashtra would follow the example of other states like Gujarat and Bihar where alcohol is prohibited, and that he is quite appalled to learn that the Maharashtra government is promoting alcoholism instead of curbing it.
In conclusion, he expressed hope that good sense prevails, and that the welfare of the citizens of Maharashtra takes precedence over economic profits. He has requested and called upon the Chief Minister to reconsider this proposal and save the citizens of Maharashtra from imminent danger.