Bangalore, 17th May 2021: At this time of the global pandemic, families are huddled together in the confines of their homes for protection. With such restrictions of space and movement, the minds and bodies of people are bound to be affected. In a bid to reach out to all such individuals and help them utilize the time in hand in a constructive manner, revered Yoga and spiritual guru Grand Master Akshar is slated to launch a seven-day free online weight loss camp at 5 pm on May 17. The sessions can be accessed between 5 pm and 6 pm each day on YouTube.

To help beneficiaries make the most with regard to physical as well as mental health, the Grand Master will share various asanas, pranayama, and meditative techniques. The weight loss camp is one among the slew of various campaigns and programmes to be organised by Grand Master Akshar to guide practitioners in improving their fitness and health.

The programme commencing on May 17 will include the practice of weight management asanas such as:

  • Santholan asana
  • Padahastha asana
  • Sarvaanga asana
  • Vasishta asana
  • Hal asana
  • Parshwa Konasana
  • Trikonasana
  • Utkatasana
  • Chaturangdandasana

 The asana practice is designed for people at all stages and walks of life. It is intended for everybody to be able to join in and incorporate these healthy, wholesome, and holistic yogic practices into their everyday lives. The immediate result will surely be weight management while the larger goal is to have a positive impact on the health of the Nation.

As per Grand Master Akshar, “The Pandemic should not bind us and we must refrain from acting or thinking in the wrong direction. Technology has given us a way to reach out to masses and holding this program is our way of reaching out to those who intend to benefit from these yogic practices and add something positive to their lifestyle during these trying times.”