Today, Covestro launches its first global diversity and inclusion (D&I) report. It contains information on the company’s D&I strategy, facts and figures, and regional examples documenting Covestro’s progress toward an even stronger focus on diversity and inclusion.

“The recipe for success in business is committed employees: collaborative and full of ideas. The more diverse people are, the better – this is our conviction and what we aspire towards,” says CEO Dr. Markus Steilemann. “We want to establish a true culture of diversity and inclusion across the whole company, anchored in every aspect of our activities. This document is another milestone in our journey and I would like to thank everybody involved.”

Record of progress on a yearly basis

The “Covestro Global Diversity & Inclusion Report 2020” is the first of its kind and includes a review of activities in 2020 with consolidated information on how diversity and inclusion at Covestro contribute to the company’s success. This includes, among other things, diverse team structures and the establishment of an inclusive and supportive work environment and corporate culture. From now on, Covestro will publish a global D&I report annually.

“As you’ll see in this report, we started a journey five years ago to understand the identities, interlinks, differences and experiences of Covestro employees worldwide,” says Sophie von Saldern, Head of People & Culture. “Looking forward, we will continue to use data-informed efforts to support D&I as we grow and change the company in these transformative times. We will keep working to reach our goals even as we address disruptive challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Strategically embedded: Promoting diversity and inclusion

Covestro wants to make the world a brighter place and is committed to an inclusive, diverse and respectful working environment. That’s why the Group advances the topics of diversity and inclusion as core elements of its corporate culture. Covestro derives its diversity and inclusion strategy from its corporate values, focusing on three areas of activity:

  • Colleagues: Build, engage and develop a strong, diverse workforce.
  • Company: Establish an inclusive, supportive work environment and culture for everyone.
  • Community: Develop genuine relationships and expand opportunities for achieving business objectives through community engagement, supplier diversity and customer interactions.

Covestro will continue expanding its diversity activities in the future to strengthen diversity and representation of employees worldwide. This will include defining D&I metrics and enhancing processes and systems to capture and measure these efforts.

The Global D&I Report 2020 can be found here