New Delhi, 19th May 2021: The Punjab and Haryana High Court dismissed a petition filed by a couple seeking protection, saying that a live-in relationship is morally and socially unacceptable.

Petitioners Gulja Kumari, (19) and Gurvinder Singh, (22) have said in the petition that they are living together and want to get married soon.

During the hearing, The High Court Justice HS Madan on May 11 said, that in fact, the petitioners are seeking a seal of approval on their live-in relationship under the guise of filing the present petition.

Which is not morally and socially unacceptable and no security order can be passed in the petition. The petition is therefore dismissed.

The petitioner’s Counsel JS Thakur, Singh and Kumari are living together in Taran district. He said that Kumari’s parents did not accept their relationship.

Kumari’s parents live in Ludhiana. The couple could not get married as Kumari’s documents are with her family, and documents are must to verify her age.