Bijapur, 4th April 2021: On Saturday, 24 soldiers were killed in an encounter between security forces and Naxalites in Bijapur, Chhattisgarh. The martyrs include 8 from DRG, 6 from STF, and 9 from Cobra Battalion, and one from Bastar Battalion. But it is a matter of knowing how this attack was so easy for the Naxalites. Here we are telling you how the Naxalites attacked the security forces by laying a trap.

Security forces had input that Naxalites are the top commander in the area, so the operation was carried out. But the Naxalites were already prepared and they had laid a ‘U-shape’ trap for this. In fact, about 2000 personnel of CRPF’s Cobra, Bastaria Battalion, DRG, and STF had gone out on separate operations for the last two days near Jonaguda in Silager’s jungle.

On Saturday morning, when the force received information that there was a mob of Maoists near Jonaguda, they became cautious. Apart from this, there was some movement in the satellite pictures here earlier as well. After this, all kinds of forces, which were searching in the surrounding forests at that time, started sending messages to them to move towards Jonaguda.

Experts say that one area of Jonaguda falls under the guerrilla war zone. The force never goes together, it goes in small batches. But since all the forces were getting input that the Naxalite is here, the force’s troops continued to arrive here one after the other. At the same time, the Naxalites sitting in an ambush in U shape were waiting for this.

As the force entered the area in large numbers, she was caught in an ambush. Naxalites started firing indiscriminately. The encounter lasted for about 5 hours. The Naxalites were in the upper echelons and were keeping an eye on the entry of the force, so they caused a big loss.