New Delhi, 18th May 2021:  Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will no longer be releasing 10th class result on June 20. The dates have been rescheduled and the results will now be released in the first week of July. CBSE has issued a notice today and extended the last date for submission of marks of 10th class students.

The CBSE has extended dates in view of the Covid-19 epidemic in various states, lockdowns, the safety of school teachers and other staff.

The new dates under the new schedule are of the CBSE portal for uploading, marks are 20 May (no change).

Last date to submit marks to CBSE – June 30, 2021 Date of submission of Internal Assessment Marks (out of 20) – 30 June 2021

CBSE has said that the result committee can decide its schedule on the basis of the scheme provided by the board. Significantly, CBSE had said on May 1 the result of class 10 will be declared.

But it will be released in July as the date of marks submission is extended. The first schools had to upload the marks of internal assessment of their students on the CBSE portal by June 11. Students will be given maximum 20 marks out of total of 100 marks of each subject as internal assessment.

80 marks out of 100 in each subject will be given on the basis of midterm, pre-board and unit test examinations. 10 marks have been fixed for unit test, 30 marks for midterm and 40 marks for pre-board examination. Students who are not satisfied with this result will be given a chance to sit for the examination once the situation becomes normal. A committee of the school principal and 7 teachers will be formed to prepare the result in the school. It will have two teachers from other schools as well.

Rs 2500-2500 will be given to the teachers of other schools joining the result committee and Rs 1500-1500 will be given to the teachers of their school on behalf of the CBSE Board. About 18 lakh students appear for CBSE 10th examination every year. Last year also some papers were cancelled after which the result was prepared with the help of an internal assessment. In 2020, 91.46 per cent of students passed CBSE 10.