Patna, 15 April 2021: In the second wave, Corona has played havoc in Bihar. In connection with the fast deaths, there has been such a rush in cremation grounds that two more ghats of Patna have to be opened by the administration to burn the dead bodies of the deceased COVID positive persons.

Earlier only the dead bodies were being cremated at Baans Ghat. The last rites of the infected will now be done at Gulbi Ghat and Khajekalan Ghat along with Baans Ghat.

In the last 60 hours, as many as 50 bodies have been cremated at Baans Ghat Electric Crematorium in Patna. The dead body of 25 infected people was cremated at Baans Ghat on April 12 April.

According to Rajkumar, in charge of Baans Ghat, “The funeral of one dead body takes one hour. In such a situation, the crematorium has to be run day and night. Seven bodies had been cremated at Baans Ghat by 3 pm on Thursday. Due to the increasing burden on the crematorium, another machine lying closed at Baans Ghat is being repaired and it is expected to be operational by this evening.”

Only the Baans Ghat was opened before the administration for the cremation of the bodies of the infected, but as the burden has increased on the crematoriums, the Khajekalan and Gulbi Ghat have also been opened for the cremation of the infected. The funeral procession has also started at these ghats following the instructions of the zonal magistrate. Patna Municipal Corporation has deployed a separate team to burn the bodies of the infected.

However, the in charge of the Baans Ghat has denied after allegations were made by some people that Rs 15 to 16 thousand being taken for the funeral of the infected.

Rajkumar, in charge of Baans Ghat, said, “Cremation is now being done for free in the electric crematorium. It has been made free by the government since February 2020 and we are doing the same. Some families want to do the last rites of the infected with wood by law. They are getting paid and it is wrong to make money in an electric crematorium.”