Mumbai, 17th August, 2021: The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has recently launched the Financial Literacy Programme, which was unveiled through its webinar by Ms. Helen Brand, Chief executive, ACCA and Mr. Anurag TripathiSecretary, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Through the webinar ACCA members shared their experience and journey of creating this programme where the ACCA India member community came together, to bring this positive change. The digital launch of the Financial Literacy programme also included a participation of 700+ principals from CBSE schools all over India. This initiative is a robust two-year programme for early engagement with children in grade 6 and 7 on different aspects of managing their finances.

The programme takes children through the journey of evolution of money, banking, growing your money (investments) and protecting your money (insurance) as well as career options in finance.

This programme is a testament to how the ACCA community has taken yet another step to contributing to the society at large, with their expertise and experience in the domain of finance and accounting, by educating children on this critical life skill, which will help lay a strong foundation to set them for a successful and productive life.

Anurag Tripathi, Secretary, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) says “ACCA members have and the entire ACCA community, by volunteering their time for this great initiative will strengthen the implementation of the some of the core principles of National Education Policy and CBSE.


At the launch, Helen Brand OBE, Chief Executive, ACCA said: “The content of our programme makes learning fun, and brings children along with stories, interesting characters and entertaining activities. As you would expect from a programme that has been influenced by advice and guidance from our members’, it is really practical, and easy to understand. It is a perfect introduction for the very young into the world of money. And importantly, it is also consistent with ACCA’s philosophy in everything we do – breaking down barriers and extending opportunities to all.”

The programme is the result of the commitment of the ACCA India members and their spirit as a community to be a force for good and agents of change.