Mumbai, 23rd November 2021: It’s widely accepted that Urdu is one of the sweetest languages in the world. Urdu helps in expressing your feelings the best. However, the love for Urdu seems to be disappearing as more & more people are adopting other foreign languages for various reasons.

Filmmaker Junaid Imam whose love for Urdu didn’t dwindle and has been promoting Urdu on various platforms. And hence he chose to write his debut novel ‘Iqra’ in Urdu. Iqra was launched in America by Adbul Rahman Nakadar who is the Founder-President of American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin, Michigan.

“It’s an honour to receive such warmth & appreciation from world renowned personality and educationist Adbul Rahman Nakadar”, says Junaid Imam.

Junaid Imam has been working as a writer-filmmaker in the Indian Film Industry for 15 years. Several of his short films have received accolades on various international platforms. He has also been selected as a jury member for Australia’s Multicultural Film Festival. Junaid Imam believes that the takers for reading still exist in this digital world. That gave him the confidence to work on ‘Iqra’ which will tickle the readers with its social humour and emotions.

Iqra is a story about two children – Ali and Munna living in Mumbai’s slum. These two innocent children experience the nexus between Politics and Crime. The election period helps them in receiving education and they enjoy school life. The word ‘Iqra’ in Urdu means ‘to educate’ and education moves their life towards a better direction. With the help of education, Ali & Munna try to eradicate crime from their locality.

Junaid credits his wife, family members & friends for being his constant support. Famous Urdu Calligrapher Ataulla Khan Asadi has greatly contributed to this novel. Shobhana Nair Jaisinghani has supported me with the digital platform.

Iqra will be launched on all digital platforms and will be translated into various languages in the next few weeks.