Harleen Kaur Grewal

New Delhi, March 17, 2021: During the meeting on the matter of the increasing cases of coronavirus infection and vaccination, PM Modi said that India is one of the countries where the death rate is very low. In the Chief Ministers meeting, PM Narendra Modi said, “More than 96% of Corona cases have been recovered in India. India is among the countries where the average death from corona is much lower.” PM Narendra Modi said that we have to stop the second wave of Corona. For this, one has to make the right, yet timely decisions. PM Narendra Modi said, “We have to speed up the decision making process so that people are relieved from their problems. We have to work by using our past experiences.”

PM Narendra Modi said, ‘Corona infection rates have increased in many districts, which till now were safe zones. In the past weeks, corona cases have increased by 150% in 70 districts. If we fail to stop the corona infection here, the situation may worsen again and there may be an increase in corona cases all over the country.

PM Narendra Modi said that it is a matter of concern why testing is less in some areas? Why has vaccination decreased in some areas? “Our confidence should not be turned into overconfidence. Our success may turn benign if we ignore the threat of Corona.”

In the Chief Ministers meeting, PM Narendra Modi said that the second wave of Corona from emerging has to be stopped immediately. “We have to make the required decisions immediately.” Anticipating the new wave of corona infection, PM Narendra Modi said, “There are many countries where corona has emerged many times. In our country as well, corona cases have increased again in some states.” Chief Ministers have also expressed concern. States like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra have very high COVID-19 rates and the number of new cases is increasing rapidly.