Mumbai,June 8, 2021 :- A global name in the nutrition ecosystem, Nutrify Today has played a huge role in fulfilling the sudden surge in demand for health additives and nutraceuticals in the post-pandemic times. It has done so by building strategic relationships with pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry association bodies of multiple countries, making a rich network of curated market access available for everyone. Nutrify Today is the organiser of many sought-after programs like investor pitch, Nutra bazaar, science workshops and other business events across the globe.

In its pursuit of expanding assistance to nutraceuticals and pharma companies across the globe, Nutrify Today has collaborated with the MADSA (Malaysian Dietary Supplements Association) – a leadership nutraceuticals body in Malaysia. The key objectives of this collaboration are to improve public health by providing quality products, services, and factual information to people, developing awareness of the safety and benefits of complementary healthcare products, and ensuring a suitable regulatory regime for the health supplement industry worldwide.

The association between Nutrify Today and MADSA opens up expedited business opportunities in nutraceuticals between both countries. From 750 million in 2019, the Malaysian nutraceuticals market is projected to reach USD 1.4 billion by 2026. The quantum growth can be attributed to the faster adoption of nutraceuticals in the post COVID era.

Nutrify Today is also the proud founder of the world’s first i2c platform (Idea to commercialization). It is a curated web-based platform that invites promising pharma and Nutra companies to build new products and identify their supply chain partners. The platform has evidently reduced new product development and go-to market time by 50%.  Nutrify Today enabled business deals of over USD 9 million amongst the nutraceutical industry in the year 2020 alone and has set its targets on USD 133 million by 2024.