Mumbai, May 24th, 2021: Mumbai Animal Save is conducting food drives in collaboration with Shri Aadi Jin Yuvak Charitable Trust in and around Mumbai. They gave healthy and nutritious vegan food to more than 9,000 people in the last two months and more than 48,000 people in the last 14 months.

During these tough times of the pandemic’s second wave, which has caused a collapse of our healthcare system, another lockdown has left everyone affected, especially marginalized and low-income communities.

Veganism is a social justice movement that involves an anti-speciesist and anti-oppressive approach towards ending the abuse of many non-human animals in dairy, meat, eggs, wool, honey, and other industries and practices.

Activists at the Animal Save Movement have witnessed the suffering of farmed animals and thus, they promote veganism and love-based, grassroots activism. They are a vegan, anti-speciesist, and animal-centric organization that positions itself against all forms of oppression.

The Animal Save Movement started in December 2010 with the inception of Toronto Pig Save. Today, there are over 1000 chapters in 72 countries along with the Climate Save Movement which works towards the prevention of the climate crisis, by ending animal agriculture, reforesting the earth, and phasing out fossil fuels.

The Health Save Movement promotes nutritious vegan food to improve health and enhance food justice while simultaneously fighting world hunger, malnutrition, and other food-related issues.

In India, there are around 22 active chapters that keep growing every year.