New Delhi, June 8, 2021Letter, India’s privacy-first email provider launches customisable and the most affordable Enterprise Solution for the businesses across the globe, starting as low as $110 per month. The state-of-art email hosting provides business grade email with no limitations and offers exclusive features such as unlimited users, unlimited domain names, unlimited aliases and unlimited filtering rules.

The Enterprise Solution comes with Unrestricted Emails, private communication with Highest Security and Military Grade Encryption, better and faster support with Technical Assistance, and all the pre-requisite enterprise features including  NextCloud  that acts like a cloud storage and file synchronization solution; OnlyOffice for accessing all MS Office format files, RocketChat for team communication, live website chat and basic CRM and last but not the least Bitwarden premium password manager, a high rated, fully featured, smart password manager powered by millions of open source community developers.

Letter’s new features include TLS 1.3 strong security and high email deliverability that ensures that the emails will land in the recipient’s inbox all the time with no chances of being marked as spam or not-secure. Offering a highly customizable product, Letter Enterprise solution can modify the email server on the basis of business requirement irrespective of the size and budget. Also, encrypted emails on disk with AES-256 security ensure that the product is leakproof and immune to server breaches and man-in-the-middle attacks. Furthermore, the webmail comes with two choices-SOGo, a modern and feature rich interface with all email tools in one place and Roundcube with a simple yet elegant interface.

Commenting on the launch, Sunit Kumar Nandi, Founder and CEO of Letter said, “Businesses generally struggle with data privacy issues, as in most cases they use a third party server for storage. Letter Enterprise Solution addresses this issue by ensuring email deliverability and security at a quite affordable rate.”

The solution enables clients to connect from desktops or mobile. To avoid complicated setup or configuration required for clients, the Enterprise plan offers standard IMAP plus Exchange and ActiveSync through which users can access emails. Along with this, iOS automatic configuration file is also available for easy setup. Additionally, the product offers VPN as an add-on for optimized fast connection and high security.