New Delhi, 29th May 2021: Amid the ongoing tussle between Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev and the Indian Medical Association (IMA), its national head Dr JA Jayalal said on Friday that the association is not against Ramdev. He said that the police complaint would be withdrawn after the yoga guru withdrew his remarks against modern medicine.

Jayalal said, “We are not against yoga guru Baba Ramdev. His statements are against the vaccination of Covid-19. We think his statements may confuse people, distract them. We have a big concern because he has many followers.”

The exchange of statements between the yoga guru and the medical union continues to grow without any sign of deficiency. However, Ramdev withdraws his video statement about which the controversy started. In that video, the yoga guru was seen making derogatory remarks about the method of allopathy. However, it was claimed by Baba Ramdev that he was reading the WhatsApp message.

Jayalal said that the IMA would consider withdrawing the complaint and the defamation notice if Ramdev comes forward to withdraw his comment altogether.

Meanwhile, the Uttarakhand Adhyaksha of the Indian Medical Association answered Ramdev’s 25 questions and challenged Patanjali Yogpeeth for an open, televised debate on Allopathy. The ‘Allopathy vs Ayurveda’ controversy took a new turn when Acharya Balkrishna, managing director of Patanjali Ayurved Limited and Ramdev’s associate accused the IMA of being part of a conspiracy to convert the entire country to Christianity.

Responding to this, Dr Jayalal said, “How does the question of religion even come to this? It is a disorientation strategy of purely vested interests and nothing else. I have served people throughout my life without discrimination on any basis and will continue to do so.”