National, May 2021:KareXpert, one of India’s fastest growing healthcare technology companies, today announced the launch of its Cloud-based Virtual care platform for hospitals and other healthcare institutions. At a time when the country is reeling under the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic and the hospitals are under tremendous pressure, this platform comes as a stress buster. The uniqueness of this platform lies in its all-inclusiveness of all the currently available healthcare modules. KareXpert’s foundation lies in AI technology and has been funded by Reliance Jio.

Besides other things, this Virtual Care Platform by KareXpert comes loaded with audio/video consultations, EMR/EHR, Diagnostics, Pharmacy, and Advanced BI. This is a SaaS-based platform helping the hospitals offering comprehensive solutions to their patients at the comfort of their homes, virtually converting their homes into hospitals. During the times of pandemic, when healthcare facilities are overwhelmed with Covid-19 cases, many hospitals are forced to ignore their regular OPD patients. This is causing enormous inconvenience to the patients and the hospitals, besides the loss of business. With this platform in place, hospitals will be able to serve and treat all their patients even when under an unprecedented workload. All this at a very affordable monthly price.

The platform has already been running successfully at some medical institutions across the country helping them streamline their business processes. While elaborating the utility of the platform in one such set-up, the Director of Business process and IT expert said, “Few of our clients like Centre for Sight (CFS, a Mahindra group collaboration) have been tremendously benefited from this platform. CFS saw a growth in virtual visits and expanded follow-ups after installing this new technology. The number of patients enrolled in the KareXpert platform in CFS pan across India.”

This Virtual care platform is not only helping the hospitals save millions of rupees, but it is also helping them generate new business and solidify their customer relationships. The platform is particularly beneficial to the elderly and those suffering from a chronic disease requiring constant care. With this new disruptive technology, the hospitals can serve these patients without the limitations of time and space. The teleconsultation feature of the platform can help doctors examine and treat patients with mild Covid-19 symptoms and help them stay in home isolation.

“This new technology is no less than a revolution in the Indian healthcare technology space. In the times when hospitals are faced with a tough question of service or business, this platform shows a middle path. Hospitals can not only grow their business exponentially with it but also fulfill their commitment to service. One of the most important aspects of this new technology is its user-friendliness. The users require a minimal amount of training to operate the system. Therefore, the hospitals can subscribe, install and immediately start using the platform.” said Ms. Nidhi Jain, founder, and CEO of KareXpert.