New Delhi, 7th June 2021: India’s star off-spinner Harbhajan Singh has done something, due to which he is trending on Twitter. In his Instagram story, he paid tribute to Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who was killed inside the Golden Temple in 1984.

On the 37th anniversary of Operation Blue Star, Harbhajan called Bhindranwale a ‘martyr’. However, he did not explicitly name Bhindranwale in his post.

Operation Blue Star was carried out from June 1 to June 8, 1984, at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. This was a big mission done by the Indian Army.

At that time the Prime Minister of the country was Indira Gandhi and this operation was carried out due to the deteriorating law and order in Punjab. Although Harbhajan did not explicitly name Bhindranwale, his Instagram story featured Bhindranwale’s picture prominently. So far no statement has come from Harbhajan’s side on this whole matter.