New Delhi, 19 March 2021: Parking will now be made according to the number and area of houses in Delhi. The new parking rules were approved at the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) board meeting held at Rajnivas on Thursday. The objections and suggestions will be taken after putting the draft of the new rules in public for 45 days. It is believed that if this rule is implemented, then the problem of parking in Delhi will be reduced to a great extent.

The number of houses will decide the parking space

According to the Master Plan 2021 in Delhi, parking places are marked, and some percent of the plot is left vacant as a parking lot. Similarly, in group housing projects, the parking area was allotted irrespective of the number of houses. However, it will be mandatory to keep the parking space equal to the number of residential flats under the new rules. The area of residential units will also be kept in mind while deciding the location for parking.

Basement parking will not be made in government hospitals

In the DDA meeting, it has been decided that multilevel parking will not be built in the basement of government hospitals, and surface parking will be used. DDA officials believe that people coming to government hospitals do not come from private vehicles. Most of them come from public vehicles. Hence, it is not right to have a big parking space.