Harleen Kaur Grewal

New Delhi, March 19, 2021: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has announced to give a sum of Rs 2,000 per month to women if they win the assembly elections in Assam. Not only this, but it has also announced to give 200 units of free electricity on the lines of Delhi. Making 5 big announcements, Rahul Gandhi said, “If our government is formed, laborers working in tea gardens will be given a daily wage of Rs 365 per day. Apart from this, CAA will not be implemented and 5 lakh youth will be given jobs.” Not only this, Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP had announced to give Rs 365 per day to tea laborers, but only 167 rupees a day is being given.

Addressing the rally, Rahul Gandhi said, “BJP had promised Rs 365, but the laborers are being given a wage of Rs 167 only. I am not Narendra Modi, I do not lie. Today we give you 5 guarantees. Tea garden laborers will get a daily wage of Rs 365. CAM will not be implemented. 5 lakh youth of the state will be given jobs. Up to 200 units of free electricity will be provided to each household. Domestic women will be given an amount of Rs 2,000 per month.” Talking about the tea garden laborers, the Congress leader said that our manifesto is not prepared inside closed doors but is being made on the basis of interaction with the tribals.

Not only the ministry’s promise for the tea garden industry,

Rahul Gandhi also promised to set up a separate ministry for the tea garden industry. He said that to solve the problems of the people, Congress will set up a ministry for the tea garden industry. Rahul Gandhi spoke to the tea garden laborers in Chhabua and then addressed a rally in the Tinsukia district. Even on Saturday, Rahul Gandhi will be busy in election rallies in Assam. On Saturday itself, Rahul Gandhi along with the leaders of Assam Congress will release the manifesto of the party.

Elections are in three phases,

The first round of elections is to be held on March 27. After this, the second phase will be held on April 1 and the third phase will be held on April 6. On May 2, along with West Bengal and three other states, Assam will also receive its electoral results. The main contest is between the BJP and Congress in the state. At the same time, Congress has formed an alliance with Badruddin Ajmal’s AIAUDF in the state. Apart from this, some other regional parties have also been included in the coalition.