Chennai, May 28, 2021: Aparajitha Corporate Services Private Limited, the country’s no.1 company for Compliance, today organized a ’60 Minutes Compliance’ webinar to discuss Labour Codes vis-à-vis Contract Labour.

The webinar explained in detail the delay in implementation of the new labor codes amidst the resurgence of the pandemic crisis. The session also highlighted that corporates need to learn and understand the codes in their current form and be ready to adopt them as and when the date of commencement is announced despite the lack of clarity of how long the current situation might last.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Nagaraj Krishnan, Managing Director, Aparajitha Corporate Service Private Limited said, “The labor laws have been a hot topic for quite some time now since its introduction in the recent past. Industrialists have been actively discussing and debating its introduction, the pros and cons.

However, it looks the wait for its implementation will have to be longer due to the unfortunate rise of COVID cases leading to lockdowns and shutdown of industries once again. But again the webinar session aimed to educate people that the labor codes will be active once things return to normal and that by not being ready companies can land into being scenarios of being non-compliant which might lead to facing unnecessary penalties. In fact we feel companies can use this time to revamp their policies on HR and salaries to smoothen the transition.”

Considering the pandemic situation, the implementation of the new labor codes is delayed and as per the latest information, it is likely to be in the next year. However, the corporates need to understand the codes in their current form and be ready to adopt them as and when the date of commencement is announced.

The session covered the following:

  • An overview of the new codes(The Code on Wages, 2019, The Code on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions, 2020, The Code on Social Security, 2020, and The Code on Industrial Relations, 2020 and their amendments. How they act as a new set of regulations consolidating the earlier largely cluttered 44 labor laws.
  • Comprehension and evaluation of the impacts of the laws and how they will be crucial in remolding the relationship between employers and employees which have been strained in the past due to various reasons. How they will play a key role in the safeguarding of the rights of the workforce and ensuring that they are not taken advantage of.
  • A roadmap on how to adapt to and implement this change as this transition will not be so easy and will require revamping the current aspects of employment contracts, HR policies, salary and bonus structures, and other compliance-related policies with proper management such that no errors are made in the process.

The webinar, which saw participation by individuals comprising of HR professionals and mid & senior level personnel across various industry sectors, was moderated and addressed by Mr. K. Varadan, Chief Consultation Officer, Aparajitha Corporate Services Private Limited.

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