Pune, Brinton Pharmaceuticals, has more than triple up the production of Faviton (Favipiravir 400) tablet – the Covid 19 drug. Favipiravir is used as an oral antiviral therapy for mild to moderate cases of Covid 19. Since India is battling the next wave of covid 19, Brinton Pharmaceuticals has taken this call-in order to benefit the common man. It has also increased the production of additional drugs Scabover & Iverbond (Ivermectin 12 mg) Tablet and Doxybond LB & Briodox (Doxycycline) Tablet which are also used towards the treatment of covid 19. Currently India is in dire need of these medicines. The execution for the same was done at lightning-fast speed which is extremely commendable.

Since Faviton helps curb mild to moderate symptoms, if taken at the right time under medical supervision it can help cut down the trips to the hospital. This decision comes at a time where people are finding it hard to find hospital beds for their loved ones and more deaths are being seen because hospitals don’t have enough oxygen supply. Patients are also facing shortages of these medicines that are crucial to treat the virus. At a time like this, Brinton’s call to increase productions from 15 lac to 50 lac quantity, they will further continue to increase the production of its crucial medicines to help save many lives.

Moreover, Brinton is providing Faviton at an economical price (MRP INR 790/ 10 tablets) there by further helping the end patients and their families.

Rahul Darda, CMD, Brinton Pharmaceuticals says, “We are saddened by the way the country is battling the present wave. The end consumer or patient should be least worried about these matters and should only focus on getting better. Towards trying to improve the situation, we wanted to do our bit. By taking this call of tripling up production we will be able to help the end patient by getting the medicine available easily. We hope this helps the masses at large”

Favipiravir is close to Remdesivir, in that Remdesivir is used to treat moderate to severe cases while Favipiravir is used to treat mild to moderate cases. Brinton had launched Favipiravir in May 2020 in light of the covid 19 pandemic.